Chloe J Hill

Writer | Content Crafter | Strategist

Hello Im Chloe! Welcome to my Writing and Communications portfolio :)

I am content specialist, communications whizz and a strategic mastermind with a strong technical background in sustainability. I have over 12 years of experience working for a broad spectrum of clients across the globe - from the UN, to Governments, to NGOs to the private sector within Latin America, Europe, and Asia - where my main communications focus has been on the writing, editing and development of major publications, digital content, marketing materials, video scripts, business plans, fundraising literature, technical reports and other institutional content and strategic communications products. 

My skills provide me with the tools and abilities to connect and convincingly communicate important and complex ideas into compelling messages that can leverage action and help place sustainability at the heart of public and private sector agendas. 

My mission is to make sustainability relevant and to communicate it in such a way that generates positive impact and creates behaviour change amongst a range of different audiences. I speak Spanish and collect eggcups.