Chloe was a valued member of our writing team, delivering copy on time and under pressure. She successfully adapted to the client’s (unique and challenging) style requirements and proved herself a skilled editor.

Romily Golding, Project Lead, Bwritr Content Agency, Switzerland

Chloe has recently executed a complete overhaul of our website where she  developed compelling and refreshed content. Using materials we gave her and through meetings with our team members, Chloe has strategically re-messaged our brand and our services with eloquence and finesse. We are delighted with the outcome and we would highly recommend her content development services to any future clients.

Richard O. Wilson, CEO, Inclusion Social Ratings

Chloe is my co-editor and a co-author of a 2014 published book entitled "Global Biodiversity Finance: The case for international payments for ecosystem services". Without Chloe's pains-taking editing, constant encouragement, patience as a go-between in meeting the demands of IUCN, UNEP, the publisher (and me), and her willingness to work far beyond the call of duty (and any contractual commitments), we would never have finished the book. I was very impressed by Chloe's capacity for work and her determination to see the project through to conclusion. She is a "finisher" if I ever saw one! I have no doubt that any client or employer would benefit from her support.

Joshua Bishop, Head of Sustainable Food at WWF-Australia

Chloe and I worked on a study on biodiversity finance for the European Commission in 2013. We have also collaborated on a publication on international payments for ecosystem services for UNEP and IUCN. Chloe is hard-working and focused. She works very well in teams and also works very well on her own to get on with what needs to be done. I look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and would highly recommend her.

Francis Vorhies, Director of Earthmind, Switzerland

I worked closely with Chloe on a payment for ecosystem services project during my time with WWF both in my capacity as Mekong Delta Landscape Manager and then as a consultant. Chloe was an immense support to my Landscape team bringing technical capacity and experience in green economies and conservation financing. She was instrumental in keeping the team focused on the deliverables, with the ability to move between the big picture and finer details, challenging ideas and driving results. Chloe has a great passion for her work, which makes her an inspiration to work with.

Nerissa Chao, ASAP Secretariat Manager at Asian Species Action Partnership, Singapore

I worked with Chloe on the development of a variety of case studies on Green Economy and was impressed by her effective project management skills, very useful editing work and her focus on making every process as efficient as possible to ensure that quality products are delivered on time. She communicates her expectations clearly and minimises time spent on low priority distractions. She has a deep subject understanding and it was a great opportunity to learn from her. She also supports her colleagues in networking and has broad network herself in the field and in the Mekong region. 

Ewa Madon, Strategic Reform Policy Officer at Victorian Environmental Protection Authority, Australia